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Leading Web Design Trends You Should Be Prepared for in 2021

A strong website has become a dire requirement for businesses these days. This not only helps you attract new visitors to the website but also helps in driving them to the conversion funnel. It is all about how functional and superb your web design is. Now that we have entered 2021, it is important to look into the web design trends.

This year, we have encountered notably dramatic variations in the sphere of web design. In order to strive in today’s competitive world, a website design that reflects exactly what users are seeking.

So, how distinguished web designing service providers are designing their websites, and how these latest trends are converting into the best practices for creating websites in 2021. In this blog, we are going to present you with the 2021 web design trends review. You need to incorporate these web design trends for achieving optimal success this year. Let’s have a look at them!

Web Design Trends that are going to Rule 2021

Parallax Animation

Parallax is the visual illusion that occurs when something close to the spectator seems to move quicker than objects farther away. This kind of thing can be seen in everyday life, for example, passing by the scenery while driving, etc. The effect on web pages would come across as equal components surreal and real. This trend is expected to gain a lot of traction this year. As the users will navigate your website, they will get stuck into its convincing performance.

Split Screen Content

Partitioned design is also gain a lot of momentum this year. It is one ideal concept that can be implemented on the home page. Here the site visitors often get confronted with various opportunities to investigate. You can maximize the efficiency by breaking the above the fold content into two significant elements to distinguish everything. If you are planning to use this trend in the internal then the center of the dividing line can be used as the best location for a Call-To-Action (CTA).

Abstract Compositions

Abstract patterns and shapes, especially, those comprising geometric primitives such as circles and squares, are appeared to be simple, minimalist, and definitive. In 2021, web designers are all set to incorporate abstract art into complex, sprawling compositions that radiate independence. You can take web 2.0 design and development services from the professionals to design a perfect website for different purposes.


Neumorphism is another trend that has been winning incredible traction in the past year. In 2021 it is predicted to perform even better. This trend will take us back to the obscure age where there was minimalist realism. The trend is a replacement for skeuomorphism. It used to be one popular design approach that includes renderings of simple, old elements into contemporary designs, and it had its bloom on app icons in the 2010s. This trend was majorly replaced by flat design.

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Tried and Tested Mobile Application Development Service Offered by Qdexi Technology

Mobile App: This is a computer program and you can say that software application that mainly designed to run on a mobile device or you can say that phone. This best application helps to work on mobile and gives the best functions to users so that they can easily get the best result. There are different kinds of best mobiles we can get to use and these applications help the users to collect the best result. If you want to take the benefits of quality mobile application development service, Qdexi Technology is one of the finest places to get. Here you get quality and affordable native android app development and iphone app development services to complete your work with quality.

Why We Need These Services

One of the most impressive steps to get the best result, we have to pick the best design for this application. We have to design the best and impressive app that can be easily navigated by users. You have to give the best look to your application because this is one of the best techniques to grab the attention of the users to get the accurate result. We are trying to make the best mobile application for mobile users. We have you make the best system or application that helps to give the best result while using. To get the perfect result we have to read about the best and advance mobile applications so that we can use this operating system at the time of implementation. All the professionals of Qdexi Technology are truly capable to solve the customer’s problem. They always use best and quality methods to solve the customer’s problems.

Mobile Application Tools

This is one of the best tools to create a Mobile application or you can say that this is the first choice of the developers. It is mainly used to create the mobile application for the business purposes. It contains various layers to define the business with complete logic. We can also define this logical information with the help of pictures, diagrams etc. The developers use the various programming languages while developing the Mobile applications like C++, .NET etc. developers used this tool to develop the application for the phones based on iOS, Windows and Android. This tool gives the fastest result as compare to other tools. It gives the benefits to the developers so that they can develop the tools in few lines of coding.

There is no need to write the lengthy program while using this tool. It mainly supports the Android, Windows, iOS and all the applications which mainly based on HTMLS. If you are trying to make the native app or cross platform application, then this is the best and perfect choice.  It also supports the application which mainly works for the web services. It gives lots of functions, features to the developers so that they can make the best Mobile Applications for the users with quality features.

The ones mentioned above are some of the tested techniques to make your presence known in your local area. There are still countless of other ways in improving your business with these Strategies. What’s yours? Take the advice from Qdexi Technology’s mobile app development services. Have faith in us and take the benefits of quality options.

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5 Reasons Why PHP Development is Best Option for Start-Up Websites

At present, PHP is one of the most popular languages that has obtained tremendous popularity in the web development industry. With PHP development services, anyone can develop a feature-rich website that delivers seamless functionality.

PHP provides several advantages for the development of secure, reliable, interactive, and dynamic websites. As we all know that the creation of a good website has become the utmost priority for businesses all across the world.

If you are thinking about developing a website then this blog can be very helpful for you. Here we are going to break down the reasons why you should go for PHP for the development of a start-up website. Let’s get started with it!

Why You Should Use PHP for the Development of Start-Up Websites?

PHP has Momentum

This is one of the biggest reasons why PHP is a good option. As an extensive and high-performing programming language, PHP has so much to offer and that makes it a superior language to work with. There are no significant changes to the nature of the codes. However, it could often change the ways how you interact with it. This makes it easier to get solutions when more people are seeking them. PHP dominantly supports many robust web development frameworks such as Laravel, CakePHP, Zend, Drupal, Symphony, etc. All these frameworks are supported by a huge and dedicated community of developers.  

This means that PHP is not going anywhere soon and you can leverage it to its maximum potential. If you are using PHP right now then you would get support for a very long time.

Adaptability & Quality is the Most Useful Part of PHP

The PHP is notable for being dynamic, secure, and it comes with a complete collection of resilient features. The adaptability offered by the provided programming language is the most prominent when it gets compared to the other programming languages.

Another great thing about PHP is that it is an open-source language that is utilized to write code and combine the diverse collection of libraries with specific effects. Moreover, it is simple to connect it with powerful libraries such as XML and graphics.

If we take the adaptability and scalability into consideration then nothing could be better than PHP. You can flawlessly deploy it in the majority of web servers. This includes Caudium, IIS, Apache, and so on. You can take web development services from the professionals for this.

Effortlessly Accessible to Various Content Management System (CMS)

PHP is open to all CMS programs. This assists web developers most proficiently. Web developers can seamlessly match the requirements of the clients’ projects appropriately. PHP websites are highly personalized in all aspects. You can deliver a world-class user experience with the website developed using various frameworks such as Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. You will be able to cater to the requirement of the clients efficiently.

PHP can indeed strengthen the web presence of your business. If you have been seeking support for the development of PHP websites then here is the solution for you.

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Should I Choose WordPress CMS or PHP Framework? Here is All You Need to Know!

Entrepreneurs keep seeking the way to make place for their business in the digital space. But they often find themselves stuck in the one common dilemma; whether to choose the WordPress content management system or any PHP framework. Both of these options are exceptionally amazing for hiring web development services. But it is important to understand that each of them has its own distinguished functionality.

Ultimately, you will have to choose the option depending on your needs, knowledge, and budget. Previously, we have talked a lot about WordPress and PHP frameworks individually but when it comes to comparing both of them then things could be little different.

So, if you are also stuck while making this decision then this blog can be very helpful for you. Here we are going to evaluate both WordPress CMS and PHP framework so that you can make a wise and informed decision. Let’s have a look:

WordPress CMS V/S. PHP Framework: Which One You Should Choose?

#1: Security

When it comes to the business website or application, the most integral concern is security. Hackers keep seeking ways to attack a website in different ways. The majority of the Content Management Systems are open source and comes with codebase accessible to everyone. Several communities build widgets, plug-ins, or modules for these Content Management Systems. If a developer indentifies the vulnerabilities they prefer launching a latest version of that feature with a clean code. This makes it critical to install a reliable plug-in while developing a CMS-based website. You can hire WordPress Development Services for this.

On the other hand, PHP frameworks are more secure than Content Management Systems. The frameworks make use of custom codes that make it hard to breach the security. Even the PHP frameworks come with built-in functions for guarding against general vulnerabilities and encrypting. This includes:

  • SQL Injection
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

#2: Flexibility

Based on business necessities, your website might require having distinct functions and features. It might also need integration with third-party applications. Even though the CMS websites have a wide range of features in applications but they are not as flexible as PHP. The frameworks of PHP include different library functions that can be simply tailored according to the needs of the business. But if you require developing a small website then WordPress can be an optimum option for you. The PHP development services offered by the experts can help you make the most out of your website.

#3: Upgrades

The business website requires updates consistently. Upgrading versions of the platform helps in maintaining the security of the website. Both WordPress CMS and PHP Frameworks keep launching the latest versions with immense improvements to deliver the best experience to the users. This helps websites in so many ways. So, here it is a tie. 

Final Words

All businesses are poised for future expansion and growth. With the above-mentioned points, you can conclude that WordPress can be your true companion when your requirement is limited to running small and medium scale business portals. While PHP frameworks are best to use for larger business web resources. So, before choosing one, make sure that you are determining your needs in advance.

Reach Out to Qdexi Technology For Expert Assistance! Qdexi Technology, as the prominent Website development services provider company in the USA presents you with a team of qualified professionals. If you are having doubts with the selection of right platform then ask them for the best web solutions. You can avail their services at affordable prices. So, without making any further delays and contact today!

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How Content Marketing Can Contribute To Skyrocket Your Conversion and ROI?

Content marketing demands consistency for long-term success. There is immense demand for content. According to the research, 75% of B2B purchasers rely on content to make wise buying decisions. If you have been looking to bring more traffic to your website and strengthen the profitability of your business then content marketing strategy is one optimum option available for you. Digital marketing service providers are good at content marketing because they are familiar with all the ins and outs of its strategy.

If you want to drive more search traffic to your website through content marketing then this blog is for you. Here we are about to discuss the ways you can use content marketing for increasing the conversion and ROI of your business.

Ways to Foster Brand Awareness with Content Marketing

Create More Targeted Landing Pages:- The majority of campaigns downplay the power of landing pages for building a system to boost the conversions. The landing pages are the most important element in any content marketing campaign. Make sure that your landing pages are optimized properly for the applicable keywords. You have to consistently learn about the market and your targeted audience to learn about the latest trends and the preferences of your audience. The simplest way to create high-quality landing pages is that you should consider using templates.

Divide the Audience to Increase Engagement:- As a smart marketer, you must segment your audiences according to their product requirements. Segmentation is essential for one simplistic idea: there could be the blog readers who aren’t buyers, but others are. Just manage your content for different audience segments because it might not suit everyone. For instance, content intended to build awareness with new consumers is of no use for loyal returning customers.

The majority of your marketing efforts are segmented on the basis of customer personas. Remember, a customer persona completely segments your audience. You can also use digital marketing services in Delhi to gain profitable results.

Know Your Audience and Serve Them with What They Want:- Before you start working on creating engaging and successful content, it is important to understand who your audience is. The best technique you have to employ for this is to perform the keyword research. This keyword research should aim at discovering who your ideal audience is. Try to get better idea about what your audience exactly want. This will help you create content right according to the requirements of your audience.

Make Use of Adaptive Content to Target Millennial :- Adaptive content another major thing that can help you make your way. This is simply content that encourages significant interactions across various platforms. It is exactly like water that takes the shape of the container where you pour it. This means that your readers must be able to access the content through whatever device they have been using. Moreover, you can hire SEO services offered by professionals to drive traffic to your website.

Summing Up

Content marketing is one long-term game that can yield profitable results faster than you could expect. There has never been more competition which indicates that your strategy should be strong.

Are Ready to Get Better Conversion?

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