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Should I Choose WordPress CMS or PHP Framework? Here is All You Need to Know!

Entrepreneurs keep seeking the way to make place for their business in the digital space. But they often find themselves stuck in the one common dilemma; whether to choose the WordPress content management system or any PHP framework. Both of these options are exceptionally amazing for hiring web development services. But it is important to understand that each of them has its own distinguished functionality.

Ultimately, you will have to choose the option depending on your needs, knowledge, and budget. Previously, we have talked a lot about WordPress and PHP frameworks individually but when it comes to comparing both of them then things could be little different.

So, if you are also stuck while making this decision then this blog can be very helpful for you. Here we are going to evaluate both WordPress CMS and PHP framework so that you can make a wise and informed decision. Let’s have a look:

WordPress CMS V/S. PHP Framework: Which One You Should Choose?

#1: Security

When it comes to the business website or application, the most integral concern is security. Hackers keep seeking ways to attack a website in different ways. The majority of the Content Management Systems are open source and comes with codebase accessible to everyone. Several communities build widgets, plug-ins, or modules for these Content Management Systems. If a developer indentifies the vulnerabilities they prefer launching a latest version of that feature with a clean code. This makes it critical to install a reliable plug-in while developing a CMS-based website. You can hire WordPress Development Services for this.

On the other hand, PHP frameworks are more secure than Content Management Systems. The frameworks make use of custom codes that make it hard to breach the security. Even the PHP frameworks come with built-in functions for guarding against general vulnerabilities and encrypting. This includes:

  • SQL Injection
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

#2: Flexibility

Based on business necessities, your website might require having distinct functions and features. It might also need integration with third-party applications. Even though the CMS websites have a wide range of features in applications but they are not as flexible as PHP. The frameworks of PHP include different library functions that can be simply tailored according to the needs of the business. But if you require developing a small website then WordPress can be an optimum option for you. The PHP development services offered by the experts can help you make the most out of your website.

#3: Upgrades

The business website requires updates consistently. Upgrading versions of the platform helps in maintaining the security of the website. Both WordPress CMS and PHP Frameworks keep launching the latest versions with immense improvements to deliver the best experience to the users. This helps websites in so many ways. So, here it is a tie. 

Final Words

All businesses are poised for future expansion and growth. With the above-mentioned points, you can conclude that WordPress can be your true companion when your requirement is limited to running small and medium scale business portals. While PHP frameworks are best to use for larger business web resources. So, before choosing one, make sure that you are determining your needs in advance.

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PHP CMS Development Service

Upgrading To PHP 7 Version: Everything You Need To Know About It


PHP is the popular server scripting language used for the development of the websites. Currently, there has been a lot of debate going on between the two versions of this server scripting language. While the community support for PHP 5.6 version ended a time ago, it has become mandatory for the websites to upgrade the version to PHP 7. Despite having great significance, it is mandatory to choose one. There are so many website owners who might be finding a lot difficulties in selecting the right option. If you are also one of them then you must hire PHP development service to be extra cautious. However, this blog, we will introduce you to the PHP 7 and tell you about some reasons why it is more beneficial to upgrade the version to PHP 7. Let’s move on to it.

Some Important Facts You Should Know About PHP 7

PHP 7 has come with the security and performance enhancements and there are multiple facts that you should know about it, have a look:

  • The survey of Nestify tells that about 69.6% of PHP developer claims that they are prepared well to use PHP 7.
  • Around 3.8% of developers states that they are not familiar with the PHP7. These developers agreed that they will only this version when hosting company will mandatory for them to use PHP 7.
  • At present, almost 70% of developers are working with PHP 7 for the development websites. This means by upgrading PHP to 7th version you can save a lot of time of the programmers. They don’t have to go back on the PHP 5.6 version while staging the production.
  • On the basis of performance you can simply observe that PHP7 provides you 1.8 times enhanced performance. Most of the professional PHP developers recommend the PHP 7 for website development as they understand its importance in current scenario. This is why they favours the usage of PHP 7.

Comparing PHP 5.6 with PHP 7

To understand it in the better ways let’s compare these two on some specific parameters:

  • Time Taken: In terms of testing the average time taken by PHP 7.O for testing is less as compared to PHP 5.6. The PHP 5.6 takes approx. 45.35s. On the other hand, PHP7.0 takes approx. 22.95s.
  • Requests/Second: The request rate with PHP 5.6 is 22.05 r/s while the request per second rate for PHP 7 is 43.56 r/s.
  • Time taken to perform the Test: The PHP 7.0 takes 1.02 second for performing test whereas the time taken for the test by PHP 5.6 is 1.95s.

With these all the aforementioned differences, you can understand how PHP 7 can provide you so many advantages as compared to PHP 5.6 version.

Bottom Line

PHP 7 is here to stay and it is going to be used widely in the future because of its stability. This version is definitely going to increase the performance of website by bringing ease to the development part. In the past few years, it has been observed that the significant and usage of latest PHP versions will increase to 80% among the developers. However, you can rely on the website development service in USA to manage the version control for your website.

Where Can You Find Best PHP Developers?

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PHP CMS Development Service

Effective On-Site SEO Plugins and Tools of WordPress for 2020


Numerous people struggle hard to get impressive visitors as they fail to propose their website visitors with highly informative and engaging content. As a result, they can’t their products and services well. Augmenting WordPress On-Site SEO happens to be vital to augment the traffic of your website. This is a fact that beginners find it pretty daunting to implement WordPress SEO and this issue becomes graver when they aren’t tech-savvy. So, they need to understand the SEO for WordPress Development Service besides understanding secret tools and On-Site SEO plugins of WordPress.

The Finest WordPress On-Site Plugins are:

Yoast SEO – This is viewed as the finest SEO plugin of WordPress which is obtainable in the market. This proposes an entire website optimization tool which aids you in augmenting your website. Yoast SEO allows people to include SEO descriptions and titles on every page and post on their websites. Additionally, you can include it for social media images and Open Graph metadata to your articles. It is hugely helpful for optimizing on-page SEO descriptions and meta titles, control index settings, manage SEO directs, generate sitemap, among much more.

SEMRush – It is the finest overall SEO tool that is available on the market. SEMRush is hugely used by marketers, professional SEO experts, businesses, and bloggers. It is used for discovering search items and organic keywords and it also permits people to do extensive research and see the keywords that competitors rank for besides the methods of beating them.

Interlinks Manager – Interlinks Manager can aid you with the most critical of all SEO factors; interlinking. When you use the Interlinks Manager tool, you will be able to link internal posts on the website of WordPress for turning the content highly relevant for website visitors and search engines. This interlinking structure would also help you win more and more customers besides augmenting your sales.

Shortpixel – Shortpixel can help a person in optimizing an image and using this SEO plugin, you can compress PDF documents, old images, etc. This plugin does the job of resizing and rescaling the newly uploaded images automatically.

Secret SEO Tools of WordPress

  • Answer the Public – When you use this secret SEO tool of WordPress, you will get a list containing long-tail keywords on the search engines. After this, the search insights are utilized for creating SEO-friendly and effective WordPress website content. To use this tool, you need to enter an appropriate keyword on its website and you will come across every relevant keyword on your screen.
  • Small SEO tools – It is viewed as one of the highly useful SEO tools that are available on the internet. These tools propose the users of WordPress with only one platform for several SEO tools. Utilizing Small SEO tools, you will be able to form effectual SEO-optimized content, optimize documents and images, manage passwords, manage backlinks, track website users, and do many more things than you had never imagined.
  • Google Keyword Planner – It is also an outstanding tool for discovering the most searched keywords. This tool permits people to do keyword research. Additionally, it also proposes people with information regarding the keyword’s search volume.

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