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How Content Marketing Can Contribute To Skyrocket Your Conversion and ROI?

Content marketing demands consistency for long-term success. There is immense demand for content. According to the research, 75% of B2B purchasers rely on content to make wise buying decisions. If you have been looking to bring more traffic to your website and strengthen the profitability of your business then content marketing strategy is one optimum option available for you. Digital marketing service providers are good at content marketing because they are familiar with all the ins and outs of its strategy.

If you want to drive more search traffic to your website through content marketing then this blog is for you. Here we are about to discuss the ways you can use content marketing for increasing the conversion and ROI of your business.

Ways to Foster Brand Awareness with Content Marketing

Create More Targeted Landing Pages:- The majority of campaigns downplay the power of landing pages for building a system to boost the conversions. The landing pages are the most important element in any content marketing campaign. Make sure that your landing pages are optimized properly for the applicable keywords. You have to consistently learn about the market and your targeted audience to learn about the latest trends and the preferences of your audience. The simplest way to create high-quality landing pages is that you should consider using templates.

Divide the Audience to Increase Engagement:- As a smart marketer, you must segment your audiences according to their product requirements. Segmentation is essential for one simplistic idea: there could be the blog readers who aren’t buyers, but others are. Just manage your content for different audience segments because it might not suit everyone. For instance, content intended to build awareness with new consumers is of no use for loyal returning customers.

The majority of your marketing efforts are segmented on the basis of customer personas. Remember, a customer persona completely segments your audience. You can also use digital marketing services in Delhi to gain profitable results.

Know Your Audience and Serve Them with What They Want:- Before you start working on creating engaging and successful content, it is important to understand who your audience is. The best technique you have to employ for this is to perform the keyword research. This keyword research should aim at discovering who your ideal audience is. Try to get better idea about what your audience exactly want. This will help you create content right according to the requirements of your audience.

Make Use of Adaptive Content to Target Millennial :- Adaptive content another major thing that can help you make your way. This is simply content that encourages significant interactions across various platforms. It is exactly like water that takes the shape of the container where you pour it. This means that your readers must be able to access the content through whatever device they have been using. Moreover, you can hire SEO services offered by professionals to drive traffic to your website.

Summing Up

Content marketing is one long-term game that can yield profitable results faster than you could expect. There has never been more competition which indicates that your strategy should be strong.

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Go For These Best Content Management Systems for Digital Marketing


Digital marketing has completely transformed the ways businesses conduct their operations. Now every entrepreneur is rushing to build a strong online presence of their business. It has become such an important practice of businesses that even digital marketing service provider companies have started changing their strategies. Now, they put heavy emphasis on the content management systems. This is because these content management systems allow them to manage the content on the website. It even includes codes, graphics, design, images and much more.

If you are also stuck in the middle for choosing the right content management system for digital marketing purpose, then you don’t have to worry anymore. Qdexi Technology has brought you the efficient solutions for this. Here you would not just get professional assistance for this selecting the right option but you can also hire any kind of content management system development services. However, this blog would further introduce you to some of the popular content management systems of the time.


Here is the list of top 10 CMS Platforms for Digital Marketing

WordPress: It is impossible to forget WordPress when somebody is talking about the best CMS. You know that billions of websites are running on the internet at present. But you won’t be aware of the fact that more than 50% of them are powered by WordPress. With these statistics, you can easily conclude the popularity of this CMS. It has always been the preferred CMS for the bloggers because of its open-source flexibility. The millions of plug-ins of WordPress allow you to add anything that you have imagined for your website.

Sitefinity: It is another popular CMS that should be considered for digital marketing. The remarkable thing about this platform is that it gives beautiful design and user-friendly interface to the website. Its feature includes drag and drop widgets, personalization, A/B testing, e-commerce capability and so on. But unfortunately, there is one thing that holds you back from using this CMS. It doesn’t have many templates and it is also hard to find the developer who is proficient in using Sitefinity.

Kentico: Another name that stands in the list of best CMS is Kentico. This CMS enables you to develop the website for various purposes. With this, you can easily develop and manage your website, publish content. All of the above, it is best for running marketing campaigns. It is simple and easy to use CMS where you can edit and update the content according to your requirements.

Hubspot’ website platform: If you want a website especially for digital and inbound marketing then HubSpot website platform is the right option for you. It completely integrates your content to the Hubspot marketing platform. It offers you the WYSIWYG. It provides the built-in SEO features and responsive design to your website which automatically makes it best for digital marketing purpose.

These were some of the popular CMS for website development. If you are still left with some unanswered questions about selecting the right content management purpose, then go for the expert advice. Qdexi Technology is the best company where you can meet web development experts. They would develop the fully-featured website right according to your requirements. So, do not wait and hire them today!

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Why SEO Company Should Work on Monthly Audit?

Are you wondering whether your SEO’s company is doing the best business or not? Or they are standing on your expectations? All these things should be evaluated to check out the performance report and it can be only possible if you are getting a proper audit report in a month end. However, for that, it is necessary to have a professional SEO service provider company on your side who can give you an accurate audit report. Increase in Web traffic matters the most, it is good if you are taking care of all these aspects. Some of the Reasons which tell why you should keep a regular check on SEO’s, whether they are doing their job efficiently or not?

Reasons For Regular Check of SEO Company Audit

Why SEO Company Should Work on Monthly Audit

  • Does Your SEO Company tell you what they are actually doing during Workhours?

If you are unable to get your queries related to SEO, then you can ask them that you need an internal audit of the SEO. It’s your right to keep updated with the internal report of the company. As you are paying for your business growth, you have the right to know the marketing strategies they are making for the promotion of your business. In any case, if you are not getting enough from the partner company, then maybe something is wrong in that company.

  • Is the content making by a hired company is of high-quality? What about Your Google Rankings?

Another significant aspect of hiring company is you can have high-quality and reader-friendly content which can gather more and more customer on your website. Most of the company often give low priority to content as they stuff limited keywords which is actually not good for the growth of any business. Hence, it is suggested to check out whether your hired SEO team is working on qualitative content or not. If you have search engine optimization service for websites, then make sure you are getting optimum business. Spare your precious time to read the content they are publishing on the behalf of your company. If it looks good to you, that means that the company is trustworthy. Also, check the google ranking time to time to analyse the performance.

  • Self-monitoring is essential to check out the organic traffic of the website

Don’t blindly go with the flow of SEO company. You can’t fully rely on any website for organic traffic. In fact, do regular checking on your website performance to know is that hired company is really seriously making efforts or not? If you are finding that web traffic is really climbing, then they are doing a great job. But, in any case, if you are not getting the exact result you are looking for or any issue while meeting with the SEO company, then it’s a red alert for you. That is the only reason why it is advisable to hire the most trusted website in the marketplace who can stand on your expectations.

Qdexi Technology is a renowned digital marketing solution provider company who make utmost efforts to bring organic traffic to your website. You can avail their services from any part of the world without any hassle. They give a complete audit report from time to time so that you can review the progress report. So why wait? Contact this company and experience the best results at budget-friendly costs.

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What Makes Visibility An Important Factor Of Online Marketing?

Nowadays, visibility has become an important factor in the digital marketing service. After all product and service visibility, this is the reason why you have created a website, right? To connect with your customers and tell them how your products and services can change their lives.

You must be thinking that your business is online and so is your customers. They are already visiting your website to find the information they are looking for, posting reviews, making purchases and surely talking about your products and services. So, what else do you need now? The answer is stronger “online presence”. The stronger your presence on the web the higher will be the chances of visitors visiting your website.

To gain the stronger presence you need to have the strongest visibility something that does not come overnight. You have to try hard to earn it and in case if you are looking for any reasons to encourage to do it then, read the below post.

Why Visibility Matters in Online Marketing


The visibility matters the most and here are some reasons to explain this statement.

  • It drives organic traffic to your website

As we mentioned earlier, your customers are online and using multiple devices like desktop, laptop and mobile phones to browse your business website. So, let me ask one thing. Are you sure your customers can find you on the web? If yes, then, how? Here comes the need for visibility. The visibility of your brand makes sure that your customers can easily find your products and services without any problem. So, if you cannot find yourself on Google then, it is the time to hire online marketing solutions to make your brand visible.

  • You can directly target local markets

The business starts with the home and people who live beside it. The same is applicable to digital marketing.  With online visibility, you cannot only target the worldwide customers but also establish a strong connection with the local customers as well. There are several SEO tactics that can be used to enhance brand visibility to increase sales and leads for business.

  • It directly affects the sales team

Creating and maintaining visibility brings new challenges to the sales team. The marketing team has to keep an eye PPC, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads to maintain visibility. The positive increase in the visibility directly affect the sales leads. However, it is still quite difficult to stay in sync.

What You Need to do Besides Online Visibility


From the above explanation, you can understand how important brand visibility is but do you know how to maintain it? The visibility should be back up by the strong and engaging content.  It doesn’t matter how much you have optimised your website to rank on the search engine result pages until it is supported by the quality content. In short, you can say that content is your key to online visibility.

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How to Rebrand Your Business Without Losing Any Current Leads

We have discussed the difference between rebranding and remarketing but as we mentioned, in the end, the decision of between choosing these two options solely depends on the business needs. The rebranding is a possibly hard but necessary decision. After all, you are taking an initiative to rebrand your products and services to attract new customers but how would you do it without losing the current customers. Well, the best way to do this to hire digital marketing service from a reputed firm and another way is to read this blog post.

Rebrand Your Business Without Sacrificing Your Current Customers


Out of 100 customers, 77 do not care about their relationship with a particular brand. So, your main focus should be on the remaining people who are willing to engage with a brand. Here are the top ways to rebrand a website without losing any sales leads.

Find out why your customers like you

Before you take the decision to rebrand your business it is better to talk with your potential customers first. Get to know what makes you different than others. If needed take a help from the Google, study demographics, and internal data from the past sales. Why is it necessary? Because we don’t want to change or take away the last thing customers like about you, do we?

Tropicana is a great example of this. In 2007, the company decided to change its orange juice carton without taking a suggestion from the customers. As a result, customers didn’t like the new container and due to this sales dropped. You don’t want to repeat the same mistake, right? Your rebranding can be more successful if you understand your customer base and take action accordingly.

Communication is the key to rebranding

You may have a reason to rebrand like when you have opened your business you came up with a complicated name and now your customers get familiar with the shorter version of your business name. You are rebranding to align with the image customers have already created for you.

Before rebranding your business make sure to explain to your customers why you have decided to rebrand. There will be a new issue with the new sales leads as they are new to the change and adapt quickly but you should always be ready to explain it to your current customers. You can also hire an internet marketing solution to help you out with such a situation.

Try to use unique ways to grab attention

Once you have decided to proceed with the rebranding make sure it aligns with your target audience. Use your creativity to come up with the unique ways to catch the eye of your audience. For instance: – if you run a brick and stone store then, you can use the latest floor graphics to grab the attention or you can use online video and designs to stand out.

Build brand loyalty with the content

If your customers are loyal then, there is no doubt that they will keep coming back to you and probably prefer you to friends and family. The best way to increase brand loyalty among your customer is through unique and informative content.  You should find out the areas where your customers need help and write content around these topics to guide them through.

In case, if you don’t want all these hassles then, you can hire lead generation service from Qdexi Technology. They are reputed digital marketing firm who is specialized in this field.