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Tried and Tested Mobile Application Development Service Offered by Qdexi Technology

Mobile App: This is a computer program and you can say that software application that mainly designed to run on a mobile device or you can say that phone. This best application helps to work on mobile and gives the best functions to users so that they can easily get the best result. There are different kinds of best mobiles we can get to use and these applications help the users to collect the best result. If you want to take the benefits of quality mobile application development service, Qdexi Technology is one of the finest places to get. Here you get quality and affordable native android app development and iphone app development services to complete your work with quality.

Why We Need These Services

One of the most impressive steps to get the best result, we have to pick the best design for this application. We have to design the best and impressive app that can be easily navigated by users. You have to give the best look to your application because this is one of the best techniques to grab the attention of the users to get the accurate result. We are trying to make the best mobile application for mobile users. We have you make the best system or application that helps to give the best result while using. To get the perfect result we have to read about the best and advance mobile applications so that we can use this operating system at the time of implementation. All the professionals of Qdexi Technology are truly capable to solve the customer’s problem. They always use best and quality methods to solve the customer’s problems.

Mobile Application Tools

This is one of the best tools to create a Mobile application or you can say that this is the first choice of the developers. It is mainly used to create the mobile application for the business purposes. It contains various layers to define the business with complete logic. We can also define this logical information with the help of pictures, diagrams etc. The developers use the various programming languages while developing the Mobile applications like C++, .NET etc. developers used this tool to develop the application for the phones based on iOS, Windows and Android. This tool gives the fastest result as compare to other tools. It gives the benefits to the developers so that they can develop the tools in few lines of coding.

There is no need to write the lengthy program while using this tool. It mainly supports the Android, Windows, iOS and all the applications which mainly based on HTMLS. If you are trying to make the native app or cross platform application, then this is the best and perfect choice.  It also supports the application which mainly works for the web services. It gives lots of functions, features to the developers so that they can make the best Mobile Applications for the users with quality features.

The ones mentioned above are some of the tested techniques to make your presence known in your local area. There are still countless of other ways in improving your business with these Strategies. What’s yours? Take the advice from Qdexi Technology’s mobile app development services. Have faith in us and take the benefits of quality options.

Mobile Application Development Service

Prevailing Mobile Application Development Trends to Look Out For in 2020

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Smartphones have turned the technological world upside down. We have access to the whole world in these small handy devices. Undoubtedly, the mobile industry is the fastest growing and highly innovative industry at present. The growing relevance of mobile devices has also pushed the development of mobile applications. According to the reports, mobile applications have already generated a revenue of 189 Billion US Dollars. But it is imperative to understand that the mobile application development services are completely driven by the advancements in technologies.

This blog shares some of the emerging trends of mobile application development that are going to rule in 2020 and upcoming years. We are familiar with the fact that the mobile application market is majorly dominated by the Google and iOS Applications. The previous year was definitely a versatile one, especially for the mobile application industry. Measuring the bloom of these applications, most of the businesses have started focusing on the creation of mobile apps.

In order to deliver a great experience to the customers, businesses are now spending an intimidating amount to develop mobile apps by hiring native android application development services from the professionals. If you are also looking forward to it then here are some 2020’s mobile application development trends to look out for.

Key Trends That Defines the Future of Mobile Application Development

Application Design Approach:- This is the initial trend that has always been relevant. A good application design delivers the sound experience to the users which ultimately compels them to stay. You must have noticed that popular applications like Instagram, Zomato, Flipkart, Amazon, etc are the applications that come with intuitive designs. If the user interface of the application is smart enough to deliver best-in-class performance then users would definitely stick to your application. So, it is vital to integrate interactive features into your mobile application.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:- Both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies have already spread its root into the mobile application development industry. The artificial intelligence is not just limited to the Chatbots and Siri. You must have come across various social applications with the unlimited camera filters and the majority of them are AI-driven. AI and machine learning are being embraced to increase the functionality of mobile applications. This clearly indicates that the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will continue to bring innovation in the mobile app development industry.

Internet of Things (IoT):- The technology has introduced thousands of smart objects such as Air Conditioners, LED bulbs, Thermostats, CCTV Cameras, and other kinds of domestic appliances that can be operated through mobile applications. These smart objects are part of the Internet of Things (IoT). The mobile applications work like a remote to control these devices. The majority of companies have already started applying the power of the Internet of things technologies to their products which makes it mandatory to focus on IoT for the development of Mobile applications.

Summing Up

It is vital to stay updated with the persisting trends, especially when you are kick-starting your mobile application development project. All these aforementioned things provide you the insights about the latest mobile app development trends. There is so much more that you should look out for. In order to meet the ever-changing demand of customers, you must consider taking a professional helping hand for your project.

Choose Qdexi Technology for Your Next Mobile Application Development Project

If you have been planning to develop a feature-filled mobile application then Qdexi Technology can be your trusted partner. With the team of professional mobile app developers, this company even provides hybrid application development services. So, stop waiting and contact them today!

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Eminent Practices for Better Hybrid Mobile Application Development Experience


The trend of mobile applications is raging like a storm in our technological world. Due to the increasing popularity of mobile devices, every entrepreneur has started emphasizing hiring mobile application development services to expand the scope of the business. The hybrid applications have gained tremendous popularity in the past few years.

If you have already made up your mind to develop hybrid application then you should know that there are several benefits that come along with that. For the development of Hybrid applications, there are two major approaches: WebView Application and Complied Hybrid Application. To hire a hybrid app development service you can always approach Qdexi Technology. Their expert hybrid developers can help you develop a robust application right according to the needs of your business. We would further discuss some of the best practices that you can adopt if you are beginning your Hybrid app development project. It would enable you to deliver a world-class experience with your application.

Adopt These Practices to Optimize the Performance of Hybrid Application

  • Firm coding: If you want your Hybrid application to work smoothly across various platforms then it is important to ensure that it has a well-structured coding. The files should be lightweight and compact. For this, it is important to minify the code. This would automatically reduce the loading time of the application. There are some specific tools available that can be used for mini fying the impact of the HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. The tool called and etc can optimize and speed up the performance of your Hybrid application.
  • Utilize the local caching: The high usage of the local storage adds many things to the application performance. You can store the data in the local storage through rendering and this would lower down the network request and server calls. All the important data would be easily available. It also makes your pages load instantly and finally, your Hybrid application would run smoothly. Try to fetch and pre-load the data. You can also utilize the DOM caching techniques. By reducing the browser reflows, one can easily enhance application performance.
  • Utilize external Libraries: By using the external libraries you can reduce numerous repetitive tasks. Make sure the library you are using is properly tested and verified. Do not use the heavy libraries like jQuery as they would lag the app’s performance. However, you must try to use the resources and libraries that are available with your Hybrid framework. The angular modules, iconic plugins, apache/Cordova plugins, etc. can surely deliver better performance.
  • Automation testing: Testing is one of the important parts of the application development process. Therefore, it is important to test each and every aspect of the application to ensure that it is working perfectly. It includes design, loading speed and performance of the application. There are special tools available for this task. You can use it for testing the functionality of your application.

These are some of the important practices that you should implement with your Hybrid application. We all know that these days mobile applications work as a support for the businesses. It has become an extension for delivering customer service. If you also want to adopt this cost-effective option for your business then Qdexi Technology is ready to help you. The Hybrid application development services offered by this company can help your business in so many ways. So, why wait? Give them a call today!

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The Adaption Of IOT Technology In Mobile Application Development

Internet of things (IoT) world map with connected devices

Today, mobile applications have become an inevitable part of our lives. You can have the idea about the availability of apps from the fact that there are at least two to three applications are available to conduct fundamental tasks. From booking a cab for the airport to order a dish for the dinner, you just name it and the app will be available.

To many organizations, mobile applications have also become a tool that will help them to beat the odds and stay ahead in the competitive market. They also use the mobile application to serve customers to track their records, communicate and even oversee the work in progress and manage the supply. And we are not considering digital marketing agencies, finance, healthcare, construction- the mobile applications have become a necessary part of the majority of the industries.

In the past few years, the application of the internet of things (IOT) has started to make a noticeable impact on the application development process. Now, developers around the world are making research to find out how IOT can influencing the functioning of mobile applications as well as the development process.

Now, when the IOT is gathering this much attention from the development world, why don’t we conduct some research to find out what is it and how is it affecting the development process.

What is the Internet of Things?

For those, who are hearing this term for the very first time IOT can be a challenging task especially when they get into details so rather than going too deep, let’s stick to the basic details. As broadband internet has become cheaper and easily available anybody can afford them. Now, in the IOT these internet broad bands are coupled with the devices that are running upon the network through the Wi-Fi. In short, the internet of things is nothing but connecting all the devices to the internet with a single touch of buttons.

Remember the science fiction movie where a single device controls all the devices of the house? That’s a great example of the internet of things but simply put.

Why There is a Need for IOT in Mobile Devices?

It offers a personalized experience to users: The reason why mobile applications are so popular around the world is that they work as assistance for users. Customer is happy to offer their personal information in an exchange of customized services. The means that with the changing time, the apps have become smarter and their responds become faster and accurate with every interaction with users.

Now, IOT apps can further multiply the effectiveness of the application. Developers can utilize the properties of the IOT to leverage real-time data and location to deliver a personalized experience to users.

Reduce overall development time: There is no denial of the fact that IOT has touched several aspects of both personal and professional lives, offering a higher level of convenience to app users.

It takes a lot of time to develop an application as developers have to pay more attention to each detail. Facilitating machine-internet interaction can enable developers to build the application in less time.

Enhance efficiency: Applications with IOT can lead to the proper utilization of resources that assure the greater efficiency. Through an IOT based application- users can easily interact with various devices with the main interface. The integration automates multiple processes which lead the path toward more integrated homes and cities.

Moreover, if you are thinking about building an IoT based mobile application, then visit Qdexi technology and hire mobile application development services at an affordable price.

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